SCFGLC - Winner of the 2017 AFGC President's Award |

Rainfall simulators

The SCFGLC received a national Conservation Innovation Grant to educate private landowners about soil health on grazing lands through workshops and pasture walks. As part of the grant, we received three large trailerized simulators. We also have tabletop models availble for smaller audiences and venues. The simulators demonstrate the importance in good ground cover by it’s effect on the soil’s ability to retain water from rainfall.

Who is the audience for the simulators?

Generally, agricultural interests who are involved in forage and grazing lands use and management. We also aim for a substantial crowd size.

When are demonstrations available?

During the week, with limited availability on nights and weekends.

How do I request a demonstration?

Click on the link below the photo to submit your request. Happy soil health to you.

Rainfall simulator reservation form